Kitchen Worktops London AVONITE SAMPLES

Benefits: Safe, hygienic, and NSF Certified: inconspicuous seams leave no place for bacteria to hide. Repairable Surfaces and thermoformable for curved and custom applications. Available in white and beige's to bold colors, from solid to large chip-filled, from monochromatic to multi-colour, from opaque to translucent, the only limit is your imagination! Durable/Renewable: Avonite Surfaces are highly chemical resistant - able to withstand the rigorous cleaning and sanitising without surface alteration or damage, and are easily renewed by buffing or sanding. Avonite surfaces can be used for both commercial and domestic projects.

Commercial UseHotels, hospitals, restaurants, transport, education, laboratories, shops, bars, receptions, factories, and bathroom facilities etc.

Domestic UseKitchens and bathrooms including integrated sinks, upstands, splashbacks, cladding, lighting etc.

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Products in this category can be found in both the Solid Surface Veneer and Foundation ranges.

Avonite Foundation acrylic solid surface material offers unrivalled product performance, whether being used for domestic or commercial projects.

Avonite Studio Collection polyester solid surfacing sets the bar in aesthetics and takes inspiration from glass, precious metals, and a recycled product collection with up to 40% content.


The website photos & any small samples received are a guide to colour and overall aesthetics only. Therefore please ensure you are familiar with the overall look of this product prior to purchase so as to avoid misperception issues with the final fabricated product.