Kitchen Worktops London HANEX SAMPLES

BenefitsHanex is a premium acrylic Solid Surface material offering endless design possibilities and unrivalled product performance. Whether being used in a domestic kitchen as a work surface or commercial project such as hotel, retail, healthcare or transport, the design capabilities are endless. As Hanex is acrylic, the fabrication advantages are huge. It can be cut, shaped, moulded, routed and thermoformed into 3D shapes. It can be used in domestic, commercial, leisure, transport and public sector projects. Hanex is also an ideal hygienic material that is resistant to moisture, pollutants and bacteria making it easy to clean and maintain.

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The website photos & any small samples received are a guide to colour and overall aesthetics only. Therefore please ensure you are familiar with the overall look of this product prior to purchase so as to avoid misperception issues with the final fabricated product.