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Staron Supreme Commercial Use

Benefits: Staron solid surfaces can also be joined seamlessly, so that it all appears as one continuous piece. You can have curves, angles, and stunning free-flowing runs.

Healthcare and Laboratories: A non-porous, inert surface which cannot harbour germs, Staron meets the rigorous demands of today’s medical and clinical research professions. A one-piece Staron work surface with an integrated sink provides the ultimate hygienic work station, where it is almost impossible for mould and mildew to form. Today’s laboratory surfaces must be able to withstand moisture, staining, chemicals and impact. More importantly they must be sterile, even harsh chemicals including acids and solvents will not harm Staron, provided they are not left in contact with the surface for any length of time. Integrated sinks within the work surfaces ensure germs and mould are kept at bay.

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Staron Supreme Domestic Use

Benefits: Staron work surfaces are 100% non-porous which makes them highly suitable for food preparation. As it is non-porous, it means that bacteria and moulds are unable to grow on it, or to penetrate the surface. This property means that it is also highly resistant to stains. Staron worktops are  also extremely heat resistant, which means that they can be used right up against a cooker, or as a splash back to a cooker, with no problems.

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 These colours hold the SCS Material Content Certification which verifies that Staron is working responsibly to minimise environmental impact during its manufacturing process.

 European fire retardant certificate B1 (DIN 4102-1 & DIN EN 1350-1)

 European fire retardant certificate C (DIN 4102-1 & DIN EN 1350-1)

 Staron’s recycled range holds the SCS Material Content Certification which verifies that Staron is working responsibly to minimise environmental impact during its manufacturing process. Staron’s capacity to be repaired in the unlikely event of damage caused by a serious impact is an environmental benefit. Alternative surfacing materials that have been damaged cannot be repaired and are then often wastefully scrapped.


 Dark colours and high gloss finishes – Staron is a durable and repairable solid surface that will last for many years with simple care. Dark colours and high gloss finishes will, like everything else, potentially show scratches if a worktop saver has not been used. However, if scratches occur over a period of time, the surface can be re-sanded and re-finished, which will remove the scratches. Refinishing your surface must be performed by a professional fabricator/installer.

 Contains metallic flakes that have reflective properties, which may cause the colour to look different (brightness) depending on the angle of view. Whilst every effort has been made to accurately represented, we are unable to guarantee an exact match. Please view actual sample prior to selection. Before you install your Staron surface, please verify that batch numbers are the same to ensure a complete colour match.


The website photos & any small samples received are a guide to colour and overall aesthetics only. Therefore please ensure you are familiar with the overall look of this product prior to purchase so as to avoid misperception issues with the final fabricated product.