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About: The Avonite Baby Bath is the perfect integral solid surface solution for bathing babies. The solid surface is sanitary, easy to clean, non-porous, and stain resistant. With the contoured back and the contoured bottom your baby will be held in place while being bathed.

The Avonite KS1818 and KS2618 are part of a new line of kitchen sinks with tighter radii providing the sinks with a more up-to-date, sleeker aesthetic. This is one of the deepest solid surface sinks in the industry providing a deep seamless kitchen, utility, or laboratory sink which will allow hand washing up to the elbows. This sink works well in laboratories and clinical applications in addition to residential applications. Solid surface has excellent wear and chemical resistant properties.

The Avonite KS2918 and KS3118 Universal Design Single/double Bowl Sink provides a solution for company break rooms or kitchens.

The Avonite VS1513 Single Bowl Laboratory Sink provides a seamless under mount sink for medical/dental clinics where infection control is important.

The Avonite VS1815, VS2016, VS1914, VS1515 are ideal for all applications including domestic, clinical, commercial, healthcare, restaurants, laboratories etc.

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